Thursday, November 10, 2005

'Protocols of Zion'

I encourage everyone to check out director Marc Levin's take on 9/11 conspiracy theories and anti-semitism. He's got a pretty institutional view of conspiracy thinking--basically "you're paranoid, they couldn't organize or pull off something so big, things are complicated, you can't understand things for yourself."

I suggest we give him a lesson in rational thinking. Go comment on this blog:

In the last few days we have seen a new wave of talk of conspiracy, Jews, Zionists, and Israel. First the President of Iran publicly exhorts his followers, saying that Israel, “Must be wiped off the Map.” That same evening Iranian TV runs a special documentary on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” claiming it reveals the true Zionist plot for world domination.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Forced Resignation at FDNY - in Newsday

This post is to allow reader comments on the articles "Incoming FDNY Chaplain Forced to Resign After Doubting 9/11", Oct. 1st, and "Correction! Newsday Gets Selective!", Oct. 3rd. (To read'em follow the links.)

Monday, September 19, 2005

300 Rally for 9/11 Truth
In NYC On Sept 11, 2005

Should we rejoice, because it was the largest march for 9/11 truth in history? Or should we despair, because it took four years before 300 people rallied on the streets of New York City to confront the government and the corporate media for the lies about September 11th, 2001? (See full coverage with many photos, video, complete report at; posted here to allow reader comments.)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hello, State Department?

I was just reading your guide on "How to Identify Misinformation," and I'd like to report a conspiracy theory.

You write: "Does the story claim that vast, powerful, evil forces are secretly manipulating events? If so, this fits the profile of a conspiracy theory."

A crazy story just like that has been going around for years! People on TV keep talking about a vast and powerful network of evil-doers, who are plotting to destroy us because they hate our freedoms. The conspiracy theorists say the evil-doers are hiding everywhere, waiting to strike, and pose the single biggest threat ever to our way of life. It's ironic, because many of these same conspiracy theorists argue we must give up our freedoms preemptively, just to protect ourselves! But they also claim the evil-doers are on the run, and have no hope of ever defeating the United States. 

I don't get it.

You also write: "Is the story startlingly good, bad, amazing, horrifying, or otherwise seemingly 'too good' or 'too terrible' to be true? If so, it may be an 'urban legend.'"

I know one like that, too! These same people on TV, they keep blaming just one of these evil-doers, a one-legged fellow by the name of Zarqawi, for nearly all of the bombings and factional battles in Iraq - even for the killings carried out by US-backed death-squads. As befits an urban legend, this Zarqawi character has had a series of breathtaking escapes and was wounded several times. But he never dies and he always comes back to do more crimes, just like Freddy Kruger!

Uh oh, I remember another one. The same people say a bunch of hijackers magically confounded long-standing air defense procedures and made all of this country's top military leaders sit on their hands during the 9/11 crash-bombings. Can you believe that?

One of them, I think his name was Colin Powell, told the whole United Nations an urban legend about how Saddam Hussein had giant stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, and was going to use them against the United States any minute now.

Maybe you can help these people get over their delusions. Thanks!

Monday, September 05, 2005

David Kubiak Responds to Nico Haupt

David Kubiak, executive director of until now, has departed for several months in Asia. From India, he writes the following response to an open letter circulated by Nico Haupt. (Those of you who don't know what this is about: please check back later for an intro and commentary.)

"Kubiak, explain your military connections!" 
"OK, OK, they are umbilical, I confess..."


Am currently traveling in India and have been rather gratefully out of touch with the doings of the Empire and the 24/7 rattle of manufactured news, propaganda and internet tirades. Occasionally do stop in a sweltering cybercafe to check the email spew and find you have been busy disgracing thyself again with astonishingly goofy smear attacks.

Let me begin by stating that since your first year or two of rather admirable work, I have watched you devolve into an increasingly credulous twit – always earnest, often adorable, but a twit nonetheless. I see from the screeching interrogation below, however, that you now aspire to the ranks of Torquemada, Robespierre and the House Un-American Activities Committee.

I guess it was inevitable that as the 9/11 movement widened we would develop our own fundamentalist fringe who would happily crucify anyone who did not share their brittle dogma and effectively splinter us from within. "Don't believe in holograms, pods, Pentagon missiles, America's Manifest Destiny, papal infallibility or the Virgin Birth? Would you prefer the rack, the garrote or a good old fashioned 'guilt by tertiary association' assassination smear?"

In earlier US movements these radical purist provocateurs were often well paid mercenaries, and many Pinkerton and cointelpro agents, for example, got quite decent dental plans. I know you well enough to realize you are not working for "them" in this regard, but think if you started handing out your recent resume you might find some surprisingly appreciative recognition and compensation thrown your way.

In any event, Nick Levis was wise and right to ignore you since there is real work going on, but I have a little time on my hands right now, so will humor your Monty Python reprise of the Grand Inquisitor's stance.

First off, I should clearly say that I am not writing on behalf of or any members thereof. These are all quite personal reflections on the pathetic internecine war now going on, and why if Rove is not paying you now, he's a bungling ingrate of the first order.

Regarding, however, there are a few things I can say. One is that we chose quite consciously and early on, that capital punishment for treason was quite sufficient justice for our cause. LIHOP was treason, MIHOP was treason, so we really didn't care if we hung the bastards with a six or twelve foot rope as long as all the relevant feet twitched in the air.

All that concerned us was building the case, outrage and public support necessary to achieve this task. Unmasking the fraud of 9/11 was not only critical to halting fascist consolidation and the accelerating war machine, it also stripped bare the malignant roots of the entire corporate coup d'état. In other words, it offered a teachable moment to awaken the fat, dumb and hapless populace to the scale of bipartisan perfidy and corruption now running the spectacle we see.

The peculiar virtue of the current crowd was their overt corporate codependence, documented aspirations for full spectrum dominance, total reliance on fear-driven obedience, and obvious ruthlessness toward anyone or thing that dared stand in their way. Exposing and hanging them would not simply gratify the thirst for justice, it could educate an entire generation to the murderous corruption that has usurped our democracy since Kennedy's death and now is nearing global control.

That is the real issue at hand, not the posturing of a half-retarded, fully scripted Howdy Doody dolt like Bush, not even the bloody conquest of a few oil-rich lands, and certainly not your stupid and self-righteous litmus tests about which 9/11 scenarios are canonical and which are not.

9/11 was just another means to the long sought end of monotonic economic dominance of every inch of earthly life. It has succeeded thus far, and will continue to as long as you insist on turning the issue into dogmatic religious cult. September 11 was not just a cold-blooded overreach, it was critical instrument of global dominion, greed and war. We can only redeem and reverse its meaning by reverently exploiting it to wake the world. This is a painful purging process and demands more sustained courage and effort from the American public than we have ever witnessed before. We have seen such popular heroism recently in the Philippines, Chiapas and Eastern Europe so we know it is humanly possible, but we also know that fear, ignorance and disinformation here are more powerful than ever too.

We in the movement all know how central 9/11 now is to maintaining fear, centralizing control and terminating democracy, and that is why so many of us virtually destroyed our lives to see this education, discovery and contagious awakening process through. That is why it is so inexpressibly annoying to have to deal with ankle-biters like thee who are far more concerned with 9/11's tactical trivia than world engulfing holocaust those murders put in play.

In any event, if only for the benefit of your extensive cc list, quite a number of whom I do respect, let us now repair to the thumbscrew room where I shall gladly give you all the facts you seek (plus a few editorial ejaculations regarding the quality of your work).

You wrote:

:: David Kubiak,

:: it's time to finally speak out and please don't send your backers to do the dirty work for you.

:: There is some serious background information about and now you have the opportunity to speak out in front of other popular 9/11 researchers, -authors and -activists. Your final answers will be mirrored here:

:: Please keep in mind, that member Nic Levis aka Jack Riddler didn't respond on any of these informations yet and only tried to distract with logistical issues of your so called "9/11 truth protest march" and instead stated, that i fabricated facts.

:: So let's go through these facts step by step by answering the following questions:

:: 1) Are you still in touch with Russ George, who presented seminars at U.S. Secretary of the Navy, NASA Space Power Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, The Naval Research Laboratory, Lockheed Martin Corporation and other military organizations?

Answer) I am not only still in touch with him, I am working with him to make two projects happen that would help end global warming and terminate the rule of energy corporations and dependence on fossil fuel. All this activity is documented in some detail at and

Russ's unpaid lectures to the above organizations were about his cold fusion work and essentially warned them that this new phenomenon would not only change the world of physics, it would unrecognizably alter their political, economic and security environments as well. He was rarely if ever invited back.

Interogatee Editorial Observation (IEO): You are a twit.

:: 2) You worked with Professor Dr. Y.C. Zhang at the Tsinghua University. Are you aware, that this University received donations by the James Baker Institute and their Micro-Nuclear Technology research?

A) I knew, assisted and still greatly admire Dr. Zhang at Osaka University where she was doing all the instrument engineering and experimental design for Dr. Yoshiaka Arata, Japan's foremost hot fusion physicist who had gone rogue and was then doing cutting edge research in cold fusion at the time. I helped them with their English correspondence, journal report editing, and getting their work replicated in foreign labs.

And are you really not aware, Nico, that virtually every major university on the planet has received questionable funding from some very unsavory hands at some point in time?

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 3) Can you explain in one sentence, why this "cold fusion" research is from any pratical use and how can you assure an independent research, not abused by any military influence?

A) By 2010 cold fusion reactors the size of dishwasher will offer every household in the industrial world a clean, cheap and totally decentralized source of heating and electrical power. Larger community facilities will electrolyze water into oxygen and hydrogen offering pollutionless vehicular fuel, and can also be used to cheaply power recycling facilities, public transport systems and seawater desalinization plants. This breakthrough will not only end our foreign fossil fuel dependence and forestall the imminent water crisis, it will shatter the economic and political power of our dominant energy corporations, and return an extraordinary measure of autonomy to communities around the world.

I can't guarantee the military won't try to abuse it anymore than I can assure you they won't try to abuse the power of the computer, internal combustion or the washing machine.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose slovenly logic, language and research disserve us all.

:: 4) Have you ever been in touch with japanese intelligence or -intelligence contractors or US intelligence or -intelligence contractors? What about military contractors?


IEO: You are a twit.

:: 5) How was 911Citizen's Watch able to rent space in the very same building, when the first meeting of the 911 Commission took place? Did the connection of some 9/11 family members help and if so, who was it?

A) They cunningly looked in the phone book, called up the building rental office, and rented the room just as you or anyone with $1200 could have done that day.

:: Did the connection of Guy Vantresca (ex-NSA) help? Is Guy Vantresca still in touch with

A) Guy has never "been in touch with" or had anything to do with (although he did help me buy a computer cable once).

:: (In case you wanna refer to Kyle Hence to answer this, it's your choice, though Hence is still connected with via registration and public events)

A) Kyle remains an important ancestral spirit of, and through his C-SPAN work, web networking, and impeccable event organizing has done more to open up the public mind to 9/11 skepticism than you will ever comprehend.

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 6) Can you explain, why the "support" of the following persons who signed your 'truth petition', are helpful for and the 9/11 truth movement?::

:: Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D.-a member of the ultra-hawkish neocon think tank, Committee on the Present Danger, whose honorary chair is George Shultz (Bechtel). Jim Garrison, Ph.D.-founder of the State of the World Forum with Mikhail Gorbachev and co-founder with Jesuit Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute, which was widely suspected of deliberately bungling and wrecking Iran-Contra investigations in the 1980s.

:: John Gray, Ph.D., -associated with weapon dealer Adnan Khashoggi

:: Daniel Ellsberg, ex-RAND Corporation employee, who's supportive of official negligence spin of 9/11

:: Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, who's supportive of official negligence spin of 9/11

:: Melvin Goodman, former Senior Analyst, CIA, who's supportive of official negligence spin of 9/11

:: Morton Goulder, Deputy Secretary for Intelligence and Warning under Nixon, Ford, and Carter. New Hampshire venture finance tycoon Goulder was the founder of defence electronics giant Sanders Associates which was acquired by Lockheed/Martin in the 1980s and is now known as BAE Systems.

:: John Cobb, Ph.D., associated with Club of Rome member and former World Bank economist, Herman Daly (Daly has also worked with the U.S. Sustainable Population Policy Project).

:: Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., co-author of a 1974 report from Stanford Research Institute together with Willis Harman and Duane Elgin (Club of Rome). One of SRI's main funding sources is Bechtel (as in, George Shultz's Bechtel).

:: David Korten, joined the new generation of Club of Rome.

A) The 9/11 Truth Statement was a call for a new criminal investigation that outlined a list of dramatic indications that the official story was a pack of lies and government foreknowledge and complicity were quite apparently involved.

We then threw it out to a suprapartisan audience of non-movement figures who had nothing personal to gain from publicizing this demand. We were just trying to demonstrate that 9/11 skepticism had escaped the sweaty basements of usual suspect paranoia and pave the way for ordinary people from every political and religious persuasion to feel safer expressing their doubts and seconding the independent criminal inquiry demand.

We didn't give a damn who signed really as long as they believed the official story was a fraud and were respected by a sizable constituency whom 9/11 activists had no normal recourse to and we could thus hope to finally reach.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose lazy and ignorant free association witch-hunts disserve us all.

:: 7) Why did you stop supporting former 9/11 Truth presidential candidate John Buchanan, after he was allegedly arrested by Secret Service?

I was John Buchanan's campaign manager during his NH GOP primary bid in 2004, bailed him out of jail in Florida, and sheltered him at my home for several months after he was "allegedly arrested by the Secret Service." When I'm home we talk on the phone at least twice a week and we remain close friends to this day.

IEO: You are a twit.

:: 8) Can you confirm, that you cancelled one speech from Lauren Moyet at the DC "truth"-emergency conference and if so, why?

A) No, I can't because I didn't. Leuren was invited to lead off a Sunday "Lethal Deceit" workshop on depleted uranium and to brief the afternoon plenary on the state of the DU truth movement today, both of which she did quite admirably. She was also our security backup for the Lafayette Park event in case Sunny Miller, whom we had originally consulted regarding DU and veteran issues, could not come.

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 9) Why do you think, it's productive to let a 9/11 victim speak at the anniversary march, who actually supports the official story? Donna Marsh O'Connor, Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer.

A) Why do you think - when you can't even read the internet correctly, you can read a person's heart? And why in hell would you ever think that Donna Marsh O'Connor is a dupe or government apologist? Just because she doesn't gush support for whatever dingbat theory you're pushing as flavor of the month? Have you ever read her writings or noticed the passion and precision with which she skewers the whole neocon cabal? Unlike your nerdy tech obsessed approach to 9/11, she clearly comprehends the Big Picture of what went down and the strategy in play. To call her an official story supporter is an unimaginably imbecilic thing to say.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose slovenly logic, language and research disserve us all.

:: 10) Do you believe that the current policy of can stop fascism and a worldwar scenario between US, Russia and China?

I seriously doubt whether any current group's policy will forestall future wars, cure cancer or stop the locusts eating Senegal. I do believe, however, that opening more and more surprising windows on the workings of the corporate coup could rouse enough old-fashioned patriotism to overthrow this fascist crew. Despite often being labeled a lefty Green myself, I somehow feel we're going to get most of our help in this effort from totally apolitical mothers and the Libertarian right. The current left just seems riddled with too many dogmatic ego freaks like your eminently divisive self who are less concerned about the action or result than where they stand in line.

IEO: You are a twit.

:: 11) Why did you not vote for a protest anniversary march to GROUND ZERO?

A) GZ is certainly a great crime scene and a vital place to teach some facts, but it is also a truly sacred public tomb.

We have been asked repeatedly by victim families - many of whom support our cause - to keep it peaceful, private and holy on just that single day. I would wish to honor that sentiment, especially since silent grief and questioning, even the simple repetition of "Why?" can often lead people quite intuitively past denial and propaganda to quite deep perceptions of the truth.

Besides I just don't see how another march could do anything new or powerful or even useful at Ground Zero on that day. It could open new fronts, however, if it took our outrage straight to the stupefaction sustaining media and to the United Nations press corps whose members may not know the full script yet but certainly see some bloody writing on the wall.

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 12) Why are Nafeez Ahmed, Peter Lance and Danny Schecter connected with, who actually support the official story of 9/11?

A) You are obviously operating in some parallel semantic universe if you can uniformly label these guys as "official story supporters" with a straight face. Just what is the Inquisition's current definition of "official story" these days? And if these fellows were supporting it, why would they be shouting for a brand new inquiry? The Kean/Zelikow Commission supported the official story to the max, so if that was these men's intent they should have shut up a year ago.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose slovenly logic, language and research disserve us all.

:: 13) What is your personal view of controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2, 7 and the missing or contradictory BTS records of the official flights on 9/11?

A) My personal view is that the physical case for demolition is virtually undeniable, especially with Building 7, but the proponents of this view have been excruciatingly lazy and/or unimaginative in following up on its implications.

If the conclusion that science and logic lead them to is true, the questions then quickly become the highly researchable issues of who, when and how. Simply hollering "demolition" over and over in greater detail does not advance our case an inch. Where are the researchers willing to get off their computers and go out and solve this thing? There must be a thousand supportive details and witness recollections lurking out there in the streets, but most of our crowd is Google delimited, so we're going nowhere on this front. The BTS questions are too conflicted and confusing at this time with too many family members - some whom I trust - saying they watched the planes take off.

IEO: You are a twit.

:: 14) What's your take on democracyNow!, ANSWER, United for Peace and, who are blocking the truth about 9/11? Why isn't there a protest march against them, too?

A) Regarding 9/11 and the real war we face, I think they are all myopic, weak and pathetic, but for four different reasons which I don't have time here to explicate. When we finally turn the corner though, a few or all will finally join our side, unlike the mainstream leviathans which are structurally committed to the corporate coup. In fact some key players in these groups are already on our side, but continue to keep their silent distance because of the dingbat faction wars in our midst.

I don't generally believe in unity at any cost, but pretty damn soon all 9/11 activists who want to have a real effect are going to have to come together and find some basic grounds on which we can agree. As mentioned earlier, as long as that position recognizes treason - MIHOPish or LIHOPesque, demands a fully empowered inquiry, and reveals the lethal corruption of the coup at sufficient depth and breadth, I'm on board.

In other words, I really, really don't care what kind of hardware hit what target, who was driving or what opportunistic bells & whistles were added on. In my mind, they are all relatively trivial technical details well downstream from the real crime which was the top level literal conspiracy to a) let it come or b) bring it on.

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 15) Why did support John Kerry, having been aware of rigged e-voting machines and his past at Skull+Bones?

A) I may be having a senior moment, but can't for the life of me remember us ever endorsing the Kerry ticket. He never offered more than a kinder, gentler rape & pillage imperialism, was death on 9/11 truth, and served the corporate oligarchy like a wholly owned obedient son.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose slovenly research disserves us all.

:: 16) Why did not look into the suspicious background of the 7/7 london attacks?

A) Because we are stretched so damn thin attending to America's coup and destruction that explosive sideshows in London, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. are well beyond our current competence and ken.

IEO: You are a twit.

:: 17) Why did you write on, that "the next few months will decide what, if any, September 11th truth will ever be revealed for many years to come"?

I wrote that in the see/hear/report-no-official-evil wake of the 9/11 Commission hearings, predicting that if we the people did not start to stir up some fierce demand for real truth, the 2004 political spectacle would enshrine the Kean/Zelikow mythology as official reality for a long, long time. It was offered in exhortative mode, not in resignation, and introduced the Summer of Truth concept which thanks to the work of scores of people generated a lot of inspiring events and earned a widely gratifying response. In fact, I remember a lot of important NY contributions in this period from Kyle, Nick, Cynthia McKinney, Sibel Edmonds, John Judge, Indira Singh, Jenna Orkin, Les Jamieson, Sander Hicks, Lennie Charles, Jimmy Walter, Alan Duncan, Bob McIlvaine, Jim Ridgeway, most of our crew and many, many more, but I can't recall a single bit of useful help at any point from you.

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 18) Why did allow, that David Ray Griffin wasn't allowed to speak at the public Mckinney hearings? What about Morgan Reynolds? Why wasn't he invited into the panel? Who took the decision for Paul Thompson, who did not publicly speak out yet, that 9/11 was an Inside Job?

A) Will have to answer this one somewhat intuitively because sometimes the logic and meaning of your charges get pretty dim, especially since we didn't have anything to do with Cynthia's event except helping persuade Mindy and Lorie to appear and finally speak their mind.

In any case, Griffin was not invited to McKinney's event because she was starting off her 9/11 resurrection in softball mode to coax other congressional sponsors on board. He is scheduled to speak at her all day Congressional Black Caucus 9/11 briefing in September though, when she will let loose with the bigger guns. Not sure about Reynolds situation. You should probably ask him. Cynthia knew and trusted Thompson from before, and he had already earned his own breakthroughs with Regan Books, Air America, etc. If you can read through Paul's meticulous timelines and not understand what he is doing and how infinitely more powerful it is than your scream, shout and slander approach to turning public consciousness around, then we seem to be involved in very different enterprises.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose slovenly logic, language and research disserve us all.

:: 19) Why do you allow a LIHOP/MIHOP diversion by Nic Levis, who believes, that these labels can coexist with each other?

A) Because they can and do co-exist, sometimes in the very same people (e.g., the Big Wedding crowd who believes that "we" knew when and where "they" were coming with such precision, "we" decided to graft on some bells & whistles of our own, like building demolitions, planted personal effects, etc.) The overriding point that I feel obliged to keep belaboring is that both are equally TREASONOUS!

We could prove LIHOP to a fair minded grand jury now. Winning a neocon focused MIHOP indictment with the evidence now at hand is exceedingly dubious. If both paths would gain us a capital crime proceeding with full subpoena and discovery powers, why choose the most problematic way in?

This is where you really lose me, Nico, since it seems you care far more that your half-baked theories are venerated than that justice might finally be done. It's not good enough to hang the bastards and expose the whole rotten establishment, they have to be hung with your own autographed rope. Otherwise you will not lift a finger to help and indeed spend most of your time attacking the prosecutor for inadequate shrieking zealotry.

IEO: You are a twit.

:: 20) What's the purpose of letting Ray McGovern (ex-CIA) speak at public events, who did not publicly speak out yet, that 9/11 was an Inside Job?

A) Ah, this gets truly tiresome, bro, but let's just try this one more time. The purpose of events is not to toe your highly idiosyncratic ideological purity line, it is to draw new minds, resources and energy into the anti-corporate fascist fray. Some approach that task in different ways depending on their passion, knowledge and expertise. McGovern brings us a lot of all three and has also read both of Griffin's books and reveres him deeply. When or where he will announce his own interpretation of events is entirely up to him, but given all that he has sacrificed and the beating he has taken to expose the murderous hypocrisy of this government, I feel that he has earned our trust and he sure as hell has mine.

Those of us who had nothing to lose by following this path often forget the complex equations others face when they try to maximize their impact on this issue by maintaining some decent level of credibility.

IEO: You are a dolt.

:: 21) Who is payrolling David Kubiak, Nic Levis and What's your both regular jobs?

A) Well, Nick and I and several others are supposed to be payrolled by but that sweet fiction sort of burned out last September when we poured all our meager resources into project work instead of feeding the staff and our online fundraising never raised more than $4~5 hundred per month. So I am approximately 7 months behind in rent to my mother no less, though I now draw a small contingent salary from which got me over to India to look into some carbon forest restoration work. Nick can speak for himself, but as far as I know his last real paycheck was for organizing Jimmy Walter's NY gig last fall and believe he now does odd-job translations and lives from hand to mouth. itself has only survived thanks to the volunteer passion of its few remaining "staff." Its project events, like the DC Truth Convergence, were entirely funded – to the tune of $24 thou and change – with the help of the 60% of attendees who actually paid for their rooms and registration and a few big private benefactors including a couple doctors from NY and NJ and a couple of entrepreneurial truth advocates from California. We are currently looking for some professional fundraising help (20% mercenaries will do), because this is where we clearly suck.

IEO: You are a petulant egomaniac whose lack of vision, humor and generosity really truly disserves us all (and must make life pretty deathly grim for you, too).


OK, Robespierre, time's up. Allow me to re-insert my fingernails and bid you fond adieu. Any further questions will be gladly answered same time, same place, next year.

Meantime would recommend you study Uncle Karl Rove's "Master Course in Character Attack" if you really want to improve your skills. Trying to smear someone by linking them to someone else who once gave a speech or took a leak in the Pentagon is a pretty amateur approach. You should have gone after my mother who was scanning maps in the DC War Department from '44 to '45. Since I was in fetal residence for half that time, that's some mud that could really stick.

Yours since the womb in the war machine,

W. David K-

PS: Sorry for the repetitive IEOs but you are a pretty monotonous twit.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Welcome, Readers

We are now live. The idea is for staff members of to have personal weblogs of their ideas and activities, and for you the readers to let us know what's on your mind. This is a place for fast news and debate. I'm the lucky guy who starts (for more about me, see here). But we will add weblogs by other members, and set up a proper electronic "feed" with all of the latest entries automatically linked at one spot on

Who can say what is the right thing to do? This is a tough time for our people and the world. In New York, we know that people have never been readier to question the official fraud of September 11th (see below). We can only hope enough of them are ready to actually do something about it. But who knows if it's still possible to break the official mythology in a way that makes a difference? What is the 9/11 truth movement? What should it be doing, four years after the event? What is the role of You're invited to use the comments feature. (Not responsible for the comments section. Read at your own risk.)

Friday, August 19, 2005

A Mass Rorschach Test

UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY - A woman moving with the crowds on their way home from work stops short at the subway stairs. Her stature is proud, she has clearly earned her day's paycheck.

"Is that supposed to be a joke?" she asks the two men holding up a stenciled banner that reads, "9/11 Was an Inside Job."

One of the men is the author. "No, we're serious," he tells her. "In a year, you'll probably think the same thing."

She shakes her head and replies in a Latin cadence. "In fifty years, maybe they will tell you what happened." She smiles wistfully and turns to the stairs, leaving the author to wonder whether she realizes her answer suggests a joke altogether different from the one she first implied.

What really happened on that stupid bloody Tuesday, four years ago? A few weeks before the latest anniversary of the September 11 massacre, a tectonic crush of theories and world-views divides the thousands passing through New York's always-lively Union Square Park.

The banner is hoisted by members of NY 9/11 Truth, who have displayed their messages since January 2004 at a weekly Ground Zero vigil. The tone of the messages, a cause of frequent strains within the group, has varied from the circumspect ("Support Victims Families - Stop the 9/11 Cover-up") to the incendiary ("The Bush Regime Engineered 9/11"). But they have persevered, and drawn thousands of people to a long series of films and speakers. They were galvanized last year by an opinion poll finding that one-half of New York City residents agree government officials had prior knowledge of the September 11 events and "consciously failed" to act.

On this Monday, they join the antiwar crowd gathering at the south end of the park for the opening of "Camp Casey - New York." People are turning out to show solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, who is leading a vigil outside George W. Bush's ranch in Texas. Sheehan lost her son Casey in Iraq, for what she now calls a pack of lies, and she is challenging Bush to take an hour from his month-long vacation, meet her, hear her questions. Hundreds have flocked to the brush-land around Crawford to join Sheehan, or to harrass her. Camp Caseys are springing up around the country, and a new hope animates the always-stymied but ever-resurgent peace movement.

But the real buzz this week circles around the propaganda preparations for a possible attack on Iran, and talk of heightened threat levels at home. Is the next 9/11 coming? New Yorkers are subjected to random searches on entering train stations, many of which are watched over by soldiers carrying automatic rifles.

The people at the rally readily snap up leaflets from the nine-eleven group. They are promoting an action to "end the media blackout on the truth of September 11th." Many who wave off the paper suddenly reach for it after hearing the invocation: "Sunday, September 11, 2005. March to demand the truth of 9/11! New York Times to the United Nations." This is repeated about a thousand times.

9/11/05 will be the first major street rally mounted by NY 9/11 Truth, who wish to petition the International Criminal Court to investigate allegations of US government complicity in the attacks (or worse). Last year's appeal to New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, a complaint and petition contradicting the official story, has gone unanswered.

Tower Twins

At the roundwalk on the edge of "Camp Casey," the leaflet stirs a sinuous blond man with Ashton Kutscher hair to a reproof. "Oh, there is a lot about September 11th that we were not told, but I can't believe there was any malevolent intent on the part of the US government," he says. "The government keeps secrets. That is their job. Americans are not prepared to deal with the truth."

What is the truth and who is empowered to judge when Americans should hear it? "That is their job," the young man insists simply, meaning the government. "I've read all about this, and they are hiding a lot about the real story, but you can't say they intended for the attacks to happen." He demands to hear reasons supporting an "inside job"; of the answers given, he latches on to the sudden collapse of Seven World Trade Center on the afternoon of September 11.

Seven. The third skyscraper to fall, though untouched by the air crashes, was headquarters to a then-secret CIA station. It also housed the ominous and airtight Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, which kept massive diesel tanks above ground, in direct violation of the fire code. And the local branches of the Pentagon, Secret Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission, which lost the paper files on 200 open fraud investigations when the building fell. One person is rumored to have died in the collapse.

"They said they demolished that building, I saw it on television," the young man replies, though the author has never heard anything of the sort. (The young man may be recalling owner Larry Silverstein's infamous 2002 remark that Seven WTC was "pulled.")

"It was unsafe, they had to blow it up," the young man repeats.

Told that government investigators have always said that Seven WTC's neat cascade into its own footprint occurred for strictly structural reasons relating to fire, the young man is momentarily taken aback. "That's bad," he says, before pressing on with his comments.

There is no chance to ask him when exactly Seven WTC could have been rigged for a controlled demolition, for up walks his twin brother, who is identical except for a buzz-cut. They introduce themselves and play tag-team.

"Dude, Kim Jong-Il is clinically insane," the new twin announces. "He's on fourteen types of medication!" In alternating sentences, they reject as naive the author's belief in the potentials for world peace. "We have to be protected, we can't let Iran get nukes, that's why I am a conservative," the one with the long hair says. "There have always been empires, from the Romans until now," adds the buzz-cut. "China will be the world empire in 125 years. What makes you think all that history will ever change?"

Father and Son

The two men from NY 9/11 Truth pick up the banner for a stroll through the larger park, initiating a survey-by-provocation.

Union Square has a long pedigree for soap-boxing and radical politics, reaching back to the days of Emma Goldman, Mayday marches and Wobblies. Since the city-wide shock of September 2001, the park has offered a haven for vigils and memorials, gathering under its trees those who escaped the fall of the Towers, those who had wandered the streets with pictures of their missing loved ones, and many who lost nothing other than their emotional anchors and sense of security.

But in the main, Union Square is a crossroads for people having lunch and reading books, and kids dancing to unheard, digitized rhythms. The previous evening's deluge ended a blistering two-week heatwave, and everyone looks bright. These are New Yorkers; most do not react as the banner passes, but the "right-ons" and the "fuck-yous" come in equal measure.

Spotting the banner, several cyclists screech to a halt and grab the leaflet.

At the farmer's market on the park's north end, a lanky kid of high school age walks up to the banner and mocks: "Oooh, you are saying something veeeeerrry bad!"

The boy is followed a second later by an older man in a polo shirt, apparently his father, who launches into a verbal assault on the banner-carriers. "You are racists," he tells them. "You are saying that Arabs are too stupid to carry off this attack. Do you know what the United States has done in the world?" He reels off a thumbnail list of imperial invasions, from Nicaragua to the shores of Tripoli. "On September 11, they struck back, and you want to say they didn't do it? Do you know who Ayman al-Zawahiri is?"

The author identifies Zawahiri as an exiled leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, considered the real mastermind of al-Qaeda behind Osama Bin Ladin's charismatic front. He raises the history of US covert operations conducted in tandem with Islamic extremists, including Zawahiri.

This triggers an impassioned speech from the angered man: "That's wrong. Zawahiri never had anything to do with the CIA. You know nothing. What do you think you're going to accomplish? This is damaging everyone's understanding. The US didn't need a pretext to invade the Dominican Republic, do you even know when that happened?" (It was in 1965.) "Americans didn't even notice. But the people there did!" He dismisses the author's attempts to bring up other historic precedents, like "Remember the Maine" and the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and repeats: "You're racists! You should stop this right away..."

In which the author, who has heard this speech before, drifts off into his own thoughts...

The author discovered long ago that a certain species of educated liberal is far more resistant to skeptical views of the "Attack on America" than the typical right-winger. The blonde twins, for instance, seemed happy to know in their viscera that a few secrets of the tomb have yet to be uncorked and decanted by Noam Chomsky. Who is to say what they will think, after a few years more of living this planet's sorrows and absurdities?

But woe to those who have read the anti-imperialist canon, who despair silently at history's waterproof march, and who know the extent of their own guilt as tax-paying American citizens. Many cling desperately to the story of the nineteen men who proved, with a steely propaganda of the deed, that America can burn; America can bleed.

And never mind what the facts say: Are we prosecutors? Are we cops, down on our knees searching for the hairs of the hijackers? All these anamolies and details about 9/11 are distractions from the big picture.

No, the author thinks, we are dreamers and we must dream the new world. And that is why we are down on our knees.

Other than liberals such as the angered man (who is still yelling at him) the author has seen two other types of people go into conniptions at the mere idea of 9/11 skepticism: Straight-up Bush-Limbaugh Republicans, of course; and a couple of true-believing Muslim fundamentalists, for whom the popular image of Osama is genuinely heroic. (In the case of a Philadelphia taxi driver from Pakistan, sounding the name seemed to inflate him with the testosterone charge of seeing his side score a goal in the World Cup; but we'll leave that story for another time.)

Bad Boys

Such are the author's thoughts as the angered man's tirade comes to an end. When he stomps off, his junior in tow, he turns for a last shout of victory from the across the street: "I've been reading about all of this for forty years. You don't know shit!"

Sadly the author's stoicism departs him. "And I'm really stupid and illiterate!" he yells at the man's back, and is surprised that the only reaction comes from the son, who looks back with a glint of recognition.

A nice man steps up and patiently explains that the farmer's market has a policy against solicitations. He gently escorts the banner to the market's edge, near an inset along the park's Fourth Avenue wall. There, four middle-school boys practice their skateboard moves. One is struck with awe as he reads the slogan, and he motions frantically to a second, who has his back turned and focuses exclusively on the tool at his feet.

"Kevin, look at this."

"Kevin, look at THIS!"

Kevin turns, and the crew's faces erupt into flashes of cooooool.

The first boy flips open his cell phone.

"Do you want to take a picture?" the author asks.

"Hell, yeah!" The boy's three friends crouch down, crowding and frolicking around a corner of the banner so that he can frame the text with them smiling and doing a thumbs-up. He takes several pictures.

The author smiles queasily, reluctant to proselytize among minors, but also happy that the industrial brainwashing of their TV hours has missed its mark.

What do these children really know, and why does it matter? September 11 is a specific incident, a crime. What happened--whether or not there was an air defense stand-down, whether administration big-wigs knew about the plot in advance and allowed it to happen, whether the buildings were blown up, whether the 9/11 Commission Report was a whitewash--is a question of literal facts, not opinions or ideologies.

What people believe doesn't change the reality of what happened either way.

Yet it matters to what happens next, given how the government has withheld and destroyed so much of the evidence, and conducted farcical investigations. It matters, given how the Official Conspiracy Theory has been used to justify multiple wars and an attack on freedom at home. The only way to ever get the facts and reverse the calamitous full-spectrum exploitation of 9/11 by the likes of Rove & Co. is for enough people to take to the streets and demand full disclosure.

Back at Camp Casey, one woman carries registration cards for the International Action Center, an organizing force behind many of the demonstrations that draw millions to protest the invasion and occupation of Iraq. She casts hostile glares at the 9/11 activists.

This nation's nine-eleven heads are a stubborn lot, and very busy in spreading the word, at least whenever they pause from tearing each other to shreds in e-mail crusades.* By now, every known peace-movement organizer and antiwar celebrity has received stacks of books and videos, mailings and exhortations to publicly entertain the debate about 9/11 skepticism, which has raged for years on the Internet and at international conferences. Relatively few of them have come forward to take a stand, but they number in the hundreds. We can begin to imagine a critical mass, a tipping point when the mainstream discourse is forced to confront skeptical views.

The main obstacle to that so far has come from the gatekeepers of the left. Although thousands of protesters at IAC-sponsored rallies have carried "Stop the 9/11 Cover-up" signs, the IAC has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the "conspiracy theorists," let alone grant them any podium time. The New York Indymedia site rigorously censors any mention of the subject, although Indymedia sites like Portland's offer an electronic safe harbor.

And so the 9/11 skeptics are left with few options but to continue holding their mass Rorschach test, displaying the slogans that plant the seeds of cognitive dissonance among their fellow citizens.


We have returned to the beginning. The Latino woman had her say as our day at Union Square neared an end. On her way home, she passed by the rally. By then, two dozen cops on motorcycles had appeared and parked nearby, their power balled-up for display.

After going down the stairs, she may have met another group of cops at the station entrance. She may have been selected at random to have her purse searched.

"Is that supposed to be a joke?"

She is among those who will decide.

See you at Times Square, Sunday, September 11 at 1 p.m.



* NOTE: This sad reality of the last year reached an absurdist apex in recent weeks, with Fintan Dunne and WING TV both releasing lists of sites allegedly run by the CIA; these include almost every 9/11 researcher on the planet (whether sublime or ridiculous) who gets more Web hits than Fintan Dunne or WING TV. We can only hope such general slanders spur the rest of us to finally stop raising baseless accusations amongst each other, and concentrate instead on giving our friends and neighbors the 9/11 Rohrschach test.